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HDF Beta is live

HDF Beta is live

Today HDF Beta was released. What is HDF you ask? It’s a SHMUP! SHMUP you ask? It’s a Shoot’em Up! So go ahead and download the game and start shooting ’em up!

This is a Sky Force clone, so have you played that, you don’t need any introduction, but for all you others here’s how to play: Hold your finger on the screen to move the spaceship. When you stop touching the screen the game will go into slow motion and you can select to use your laser, shield or mega bomb. (In game tutorials will be added soon).


Since this is a Beta you can expect some bugs, and if you do I hope you reach out and tell me. That way it can be fixed 🙂

There is not much content yet, but levels will be added regularly, so if you beat the game early, give me a a shout and tell me that you need more levels!