Photoshop is fun!

Photoshop is fun!

If you are like me and love taking pictures, you should also be like me and love Photoshop (or similar programs). Why? Because editing photos are fun, and can in most cases make your photos better.

I’m not talking about editing the photos like Kourtney Kardashian do (although they can be hilarious to look at), but more like removing annoying objects in the picture. Yes, like a zit, a younger sibling (just like a zit), or anything else that take unintentionally focus from the main subject.

I played around for a few minutes removing some distracting traffic signs and lamp posts from an image I had taken of an old water tower in
Trollhättan, Sweden. The edit is far from perfect, but considering this maybe took me 10 minutes, the result is much better than the original.

Use the Slider on the pictures below to see the image before and after edit.

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