3D Printable Sci-Fi tiles

3D Printable Sci-Fi tiles

Are you looking for 3D printable tiles (or other props) for your tabletop gaming? If so, you have almost come to the right place! I have started a patreon page where you can get access to printable tiles I make.

Example of some of the tiles.

When I was looking for 3D “maps” to print for my Starfinder gaming I din’t find much, so I decided to make my own. And I figured that someone else would like to print their own sci-fi tiles, so I created a patreon site where you can support me and get something in return.

If you support me, you will get access to all the tiles ready for printing, and if you become a VIP patreon you will also get access to the Blender files, so you can edit them easily for your own personal touch.

Sounds like something you could like? You can support me at THIS site!

Clay render of some of the tiles.

Don’t have a 3D printer? Well, you don’t need one to support me. You can just support me just because you like the idea, or you could use the files in a game. Unity support importing Blender files.

See you on Patreon!

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